Miracles in Daily Life -16


It becomes evident that Jamil’s own relations are in couple; big and small. Only exception is her mother, he was never heard of mentioning big or small in case of his mother.

In the process of talking, Jamil one day mentioned that his mother passed away, but his small grandma said that he would soon have a mother and she would love him and take good care of him.

-Arif’s first wife is dead!

Lisa heaved a sigh of pain and tried to ventilate some stuck up breath from her bosom.

-All right, this sort of accident might happen to anybody any time. But why did they hide that! Arif, in the four days’ time, talked about so many things, past, present and future but did not even mention about this aspect by the slightest hint. He should have relied on her and confided the truth.

Lisa got heavy hearted in choked up emotion.

-Shahid Sarkar intimated over telephone about Arif’s marriage few days after the ceremony. Nazma Begum incidentally disclosed one day while talking regarding Jamil to Lisa.

Nazma Begum further informed that Arif was reluctant not to marry for second time for many days and vehemently opposed. Arif said that his first marriage took place with full consent of his parents, then whatever was due to happen has happened.

-He was adamant to live rest of his life taking care of Jamil. Nazma Begum heaved a sigh.

-Arif didn’t want to let Jamil go out of his sight. But due to our hard persuasion and with the promise of good grooming up and better education he consented.

Nearly six months after he sent Jamil, Arif gave in following repeated persuasion of his parents and agreed to marry again. The marriage was indeed a mere unavoidable fact of life to Arif in particular. That’s why they did not inform their relatives.

-We also came to know few months after the marriage was undone. We heard that his wife left for some unknown reason. 

Nazma Begum paused a bit, thought about something.

-I’ve nothing to hide from you, as you are just like our family member. We heard that the marriage was arranged hurriedly based on the hard persuasion of Arif’s mother in law. Again, for reason unknown, the marriage broke down within days. After giving birth of a baby, his wife divorced him.

-Divorced! Uttered Lisa absent mindedly.

Lisa tried to regain control over herself.

It avoided the notice of Nazma Begum as she was also a bit overwhelmed in describing the sad incident.

-They even did not inform about the reason for divorce. That’s something very surprising. More surprising, is the fact as to how a mother could leave her suckling baby! Ok, due to grudge or some deep emotional reason, a woman can divorce her husband but leaving a suckling baby by a mother is unheard of. What was the crime the baby committed?

Nazma Begum blew out a long breath of sorrow, swelled up in her bosom.

-The girl stays with Arif now. What that wretch has got from life! See Lisa, Jamil is staying with us and the suckling girl is growing up under care of her grandma. What a farce of destiny.

Nazma Begum wiped her tears.

-I can clearly guess, how hard it is for Arif to detach his son to us.

Lisa could clearly make out that Arif loves his son very much. He has set a rare example of sending his son away thinking about the bright future of his son.

Things were getting inscrutable and bizarre to Lisa.

Arif sent his son so far away reluctantly and then got married quite unwillingly. Lisa was getting puzzled.

One day Shahed Sarkar and his wife went out on some social call. Jamil went to school. Beside Lisa there was only the servant boy Bablu of his mid-teens present in the house.

Telephone rang. Lisa thought of receiving. Bablu came up stair and received the call.

Bablu was addressing by calling ‘small grandma’. He calls Nazma Begum, Big Grandma.  Then it’s Arif’s mother on the other side. Lisa thought.

In fact, Lisa did not know her well. She visited their house once before marriage. She is the lady who took Eva after Lisa left the country.

-Jamil is good, he stays with new aunty.

Lisa could guess that Bablu mentioned her.

-Eva has grown up! She toddles! Okay, I’ll inform big grandma.

On hearing Eva’s name, Lisa got impatient and emotional. Thought of seizing the receiver and talk.

Lisa checked herself with real difficulty.

Bablu hung up, assuring to inform all after they fall back.

– Bablu, Who rang?

On gaining back control on herself, Lisa asked with a casual tone

It seemed that Bablu got a chance to show his mastery.

-Small grandma means, grandma of Jamil. She is a good woman, otherwise on the one hand, she is rearing up one suckling baby and calls every now and then to know about Jamil.

-You understand aunty, she has a real bad luck; she lost her elder son first, her younger son means Arif uncle was mad for his brother. You know, both looked exactly same; one soul in two body. Arif uncle got almost mad having lost his brother.

-He was very reluctant to marry. However, when he married, his wife left him after giving birth of a girl! What a luck! I always say that the lady who blames the character of Arif uncle must have a bad character. Having set aside everything, if she is a good lady, can she leave her suckling baby?

Doorbell rang.

-May be big grandma. Bablu left in a hurry.

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