Miracles in Daily Life – 10

Tony’s family lived in a small town. Arif Sarkar, Eva’s father was posted there.

Tony belongs to a Land Lord family locally known as Zamindar. Though the Zamindar system was abolished centuries before, but still the family commanded respect from all and owned a sizable properties. His father Akbor Joardar was a renowned person in that area. Their century old big mansion was located adjacent to the town.

Their family was known to be social icon. His father was known as national level social worker. Beside landed property, his father owned couple of big industries.

Arif Sarkar was posted there on promotion. He was sub divisional Magistrate. With that identity Arif Sarkar, made an appointment and paid a visit to their mansion along with Eva.

The time table and routine, Tony gave to Eva for noting down all lessons of first term was well-nigh impossible to Eva. That’s why they planned to do that by vising their house on weekends.

Arif Sarkar was quite used to betake to such procedure couple of time before also. Because he has to move on posting at a wrong time when the school session is well in underway. So, he ends up with no other alternative other than doing that in a social way.

First time, Eva went to Tony’s house with her father.

It’s an old and big Mansion. All its bricks bear a page of history. It sits in a precinct of about fifty acres of land. The outer side of the mansion looks centuries old but the inner side bears the sign of all ages with fittings and fixtures of different times bearing the works of different generations.

The precinct has all seasons fruit bearing trees beside other timber worthy plantation. The walled estate has a good number of lakes, dug to raise the surrounding areas.

Few hundred meters from the mansion, there stands an old hospital. It was established by Tony’s great grandfather. Free treatment and all common medicines are provided free to the needy from there.

Saving the mansion and the hospital, all other area are plantation. In short that can be termed as haven of nature.

Big fat teak, mahogany trees are standing as century old history of the estate. It had a specialty of having all types of medicinal plants and fruit trees.

-It can simply be termed as haven for tree and plants lovers.

Arif Sarkar commented.

For Akbor Joardar, it was a safe haven of his family dream where every morning he strolled and searched his own existence.

Akbor Joardar and his wife Razia Joardar was indeed very happy receiving them. While Eva was busy with Tony for taking notes, Akbor took Arif for a tour of his mansion and surroundings for rest of the day.

-It’s not possible to complete seeing your opulence what to talk about in a day rather in whole life. Nature talks here, they dress up afresh every morning to entertain new visitors.

Arif commented as he was very impressed by seeing the Joardar estate and by the hospitality of the family.

Akbor Joardar also liked the company of Arif Sarkar and both fostered good friendship in the first meeting.

Arif Sarkar stayed little less than three years in that town and he along with Eva visited the estate almost every weekend. Once the family met, they did not know how the time used to pass so quickly.

Razia Joardar was very friendly like her husband but looked distraught at times. She used to remain lost amidst conversation. She talked, laughed with everybody, and then seemed to be thinking something else.

It was a chance meeting after so many years. Tony did not go back to his seat. They journeyed discussing about their lost days.

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