Mullah Nasruddin Joke

Train Ticket

Nasrudin was about to board a train, and the conductor asked him for his ticket.

Nasrudin began looking through his pants pockets, but he couldn’t find it.

“One moment,” he said. “I know I brought it.”

He searched his bag, and still couldn’t find it. He then searched the floor around him, and the missing ticket still eluded him. He even began looking in his socks, but alas, the money was not found.

As the conductor watched this, he asked, “Why don’t you check that pocket on your shirt? That’s usually where most people put their ticket.”

“Oh, I can’t look there,” Nasrudin replied.

“Why not?” the conductor asked.

Nasrudin explained, “Because if I do and I find out it is not there, then I would have no hope at all of finding it!”

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