The Joy of Sadness

Observing your emotional storm


Observe the storm without becoming the storm. You need not to control the storm but just shift the perspective.

When you play a computer game, you may experience strong emotions at times, as any experienced gamer will attest. Those emotions can include fear, sadness, frustration, and more. But even though in real-life we may label such emotions as negative, when playing a game they’re considered part of the fun. How is that? Can you play a creepy game that makes you feel scared and actually enjoy it? Yes, because you know that you are not your avatar. You realize it’s a simulated experience and that the avatar’s fate is not your fate.

You can apply this same perspective shift to your physical life as well. Your physical person is your avatar in this physical universe. Now shift your perspective beyond that physical person to the level of the consciousness that is experiencing this reality, this game if you will. Allow yourself to have fun, even when experiencing seemingly negative emotions, by experiencing them without identifying with them.

Observe the storm without becoming the storm.

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