Novel -Miracle in Daily Life

Life is essentially a conglomeration of events, which are like the railway wagons; though connected but not joined in one part but the system moves the wagons together to the destination. Life events are results of coincidence, meaning works of lives and nature converge at a point at a particular time and cause the event to occur. If you think deeply, it is seen that a flawless coordination is required for every event to occur and it requires some supreme power to do that. That may be termed as miracle. Parties of the event are just catalysts.

All are very essential to cause the event. In my novel, all individuals are heroes in their own lives. I have taken the events from lives, as such I hope that the readers would be able to align themselves with various characters in the events.

It’s a novel of 30 parts. I hope to publish one part on every Thursday. Hope to keep you along in my journey.

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